COVID-19 & Shipping

International customers, please note that due to COVID-19, for the time being, Australia Post is not offering our usual Standard Rate postal service to any destinations.

Everything must go via Standard Tracked Parcel rate. This does offer the advantage of tracking, but is more expensive, and the extra amount varies greatly from destination to destination.

(For larger orders, the new price will often not be substantially different, and if it is only a few dollars more, we will absorb the extra cost.)

So, rather than change all our prices for a temporary situation, we ask that you please proceed with your order, and we will email you, either to tell you it will be shipping immediately, or, if the price difference is significant, to give you a postage quote.

You then have the choice of proceeding with the order - in which case we will forward a payment request for the extra amount - or you can ask for a full refund, which we will give you via Stripe.

We hope you will understand this situation in view of the current uncertainty worldwide.